Denise Gosnell Serves On Panel With Arianna Huffington

ThriveOn August 16, 2014, Denise Gosnell served on a panel with   approximately 15 industry game-changers who met with Arianna Huffington and Joe Polish to film a special program to discuss Ms. Huffington’s THRIVE book. Each participant also purchased at least 200 copies of Ms. Huffington’s book to share with others.

During the 6 hour session, Joe Polish lead a discussion with Ms. Huffington and the panel to discuss various topics about what it really takes to be successful, and how our society has propagated the myth that working to exhaustion is the key to success.  The panel is on a mission to help Ms. Huffington spread the message of THRIVE and dispel that popular dis-belief about over-working.

The truth is that you are actually more effective when you get adequate sleep, spend time with your family, and take time to enjoy what matters most to you in life.  Most people think that they have to become successful first, before they can afford the luxury of sleeping or spending time with family.  But science and medicine show that working until exhaustion is not the key to success.

Click here for more information about THRIVE.  Denise Gosnell will also be posting further articles here on the blog and on Huffington Post in the future about the topic of succeeding by achieving a balanced life, instead of succeeding by over-working.

Stay tuned for more information about where the recordings from this panel discussion can be downloaded.

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